We specialise in luxury products such as coffee tables, table lamps and pendant lights. Each product comes in three different styles and each style is a limited edition of 60 products. We release a new collection every three years to maintain exclusivity. During the three year waiting period, we are busy ensuring that we avoid recreating a catalogue of products that are similar to our previous collections or what has already been made available to our clients.

Most designer’s main target is to produce a great design but we aim to create iconic designs. Tuwajuwe fOr Subira approaches each project with the same mindset as a master chef of a Michelin Star restaurant, the detail and patience when selecting fine ingredients to surpass a previous menu. Ordering a chef’s signature dish is seeking for something truly remarkable and can only be experienced by revisiting the restaurant. Each product is Tuwajuwe fOr Subira’s signature dish, something only provided by us.

With our clients in mind, we design products that our clients can purchase as a future gift which they can pass on to the next generation.


Born in a small village called Sange in D.R.Congo, by the age of six Destin moved with his family to Malawi then moved to England at the age of 11. He loved drawing since he was 7 years old and at times would get in trouble with his father for drawing inside his school writing books. The love for drawing continued all the way through college, studying 3D Design at Barking & Dagenham College then moving on to do Interior Architecture at Middlesex University. Destin worked for Lee Broom to whom he is still grateful for the opportunity; working at Lee Broom is where Destin had a glimpse of how a successful design company is run.

Most of the time design is placed in a different category from art, there is a thin line separating art from design. Destin wanted to produce a creative company that bridges the two fields reflecting the attributes of Art and Design.